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1 - Select The Product 2 - Click On “Reduce” 3 - Perform The Requested Action


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Is this a reverse auction?
NO it isn't. Price reduction on madai is FREE. No purchase nor payment is needed to apply a price reduction.
How do I reduce the price?
To reduce the price you just have to:
  • Choose the product;
  • Click the "Reduce" button;
  • Answer the questions you're asked or follow the instructions you're given.
You could be asked to answer a question, express an opinion, read some text, or watch a video. Each interaction is rewarded with a discount, and remember that other users also assist in reducing the price! 
Why does the price decrease?
Prices decrease because the brands that use the madai platform have agreed to reward interacting users by reducing the prices of their products. 
The more you and your friends interact with the platform, the more the price goes down!
What happens when I complete all the tasks?
Once you have completed all your tasks, you can see the price decreases by inviting your friends to join the platform. By clicking the "Reduce" botton you can update the price. Once all the questions are completed, your price is going to be reduce thanks to the other users actions. For this reason, the more people you invite, the more the price will go down. By clicking the "Reduce" button, you could keep an eye on the reached discounts and, if you like the price, make the purchase. If not, you can wait to try to reach the discounts that suit you.
The more users interact, the more the price decreases.
What is the Minimum Price?
The Minimum Price is the lowest price that can be reached for each product. When it is reached, all users are informed. At this point the price will not decrease any lower: it's time to buy!


Can I create more than one account on madai?
No you can't, users are allowed to have only one account each. madai has the right to verify any violation of this rule and to suspend the accounts of transgressors.
Why should I become a Verified User?
You become a Verified User when you provide your cell phone number confirming it with a code that madai sends you in a text message. In order to ensure the proper running of the madai campaign, we ask you to link  a unique mobile phone to each unique email.
Forgot your password?
If you've forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking "Forgot your password?", under the Log in form: enter your email address and you'll receive the new password to access your madai account.
How can I manage the email/mobile phone associated to my account?
If you want proceed to change the email address and/or the mobile phone linked to your madai account, log in to your madai account and go to the "My profile" section.
Delete account
If you want to delete your madai account, contact us.
It would be helpful if you told us the reasons for your cancellation request, in order to always improve our service.


Once reaching the price you like, you can proceed with the purchase. Click on the "buy" button and fill the required fields. You'll receive a email of "madai order confirmation": your order has been confirmed, it's time to pay. You can find the link to make payment in the email "madai order confirmation"or connecting to your account: enter the section "My account" and select the order with the status "Pending". Then pay through the available methods.
Available payment methods
The payment methods accepted are indicated in the product details you are interested in. We accept the most popular credit and debit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In the payment step, you can also find the box "Do you have a madaiCoupon?": enter you code and click on "Apply the discount code".
Select your payment method and click on "Proceed". If the payment has been completed, you'll receive the email of "Payment received, purchase confirmed".
Shipping rates & times
The shipping rate and times are showed in the product details for each campaign online.


Paying with a Credit/Debit Card
We accept the most popular credit and debit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. During the checkout you could be redirect to your bank page to complete the payment. Your card data are treating safetly by the SSL protocol.
Paying with PayPal
You can choose this method by selecting the PayPal option. If you already have a PayPal account, log into it by putting your email and password to confirm the payment. If you don't have an account, you can create a new one using your credit/debit card and filling the necessary data to confirm the payment.
madai Coupon
If you have a madai Coupon, you can choose to pay with it by entering the code coupon in the box "Do you have a madaiCoupon?". The code consists of 15 alphanumeric uppercase characters separated by two indents (ex: AAA66-CCC40-VVVV9). To avoid confusion between characters like the letter O and the number 0, is better to copy and paste the coupon code in the right box. After entering your gift card during checkout, the balance will immediately be deducted from the order total. If your purchase total exceeds the amount on your coupon, you will be required to integrate the payment with one of the payment methods available for the product. If the order value is less than or equal to the debt, it will appear as a payment made only by madai Coupon. By unchecking the madai Coupons box, you'll will once again see the other payment methods. Any remaining balance on the gift card after purchase can be used for future purchases. 
Please note: the credit of madai Coupon can not be redeemed with any form of payment.


What is madai's Privacy Policy?
madai guarantees you are rewarded every time you express an opinion or you share your personal data. Whenever you submit your data or opinion you are rewarded with an immediate price reduction.
Is any personal information collected by madai during registration of the account, especially my cell phone number, shared or sold to third parties?
Absolutely NOT. Your cell phone number is requested only to verify your account. It will not be disclosed nor used for any other purpose. If a madai campaign promotor wants to know your mobile phone, you can choose to or not to autorizate madai to give the promoter of that campaign access to the data and information asked.
Does madai sell my data and personal information to third parties?
NO, we do not. Unlike many social networks and other platforms we do not sell your data. Quite the opposite we put abig effort into protecting it and valuing it, by guaranteeing that every time you decide to give information or share an opinion you are rewarded with a price reduction. With madai your data is stored safe like in a bank. You choose if and when to monetize it by taking part in a madai campaign and giving the promoter of that campaign access to the data and information asked. 


I didn't receive the email with the log-in credentials
If you have not received the activation email, we recommend that you check in the Spam folder. To facilitate any further communications and allow us to serve you better, you can request that your e-mail provider delete the addresses with domain @madai.com from the list of junk mail/spam, adding it to your list of safe senders.
I didn't receive the verification SMS
The verification sms is sent automatically by an instant messaging service, unfortunately we are not able to intervene on the code delivery. The sending of SMS can also take a few minutes. You can try again and wait at least 15 minutes between one attempt and the other.
Error message: you already used this number phone to register an account!
To qualify regular users in the madai promotions, we need to verify each email account registered by using one mobile phone number; check that you haven’t used the same mobile phone to verify a different email address.
The page is not displaying correctly.
Turn on and/or update the Javascript plugin. Turn off the advertising blockers: these browsing extensions can block the proper page uploading.

General Conditions for the Sale of Products or Services (7)

The products and services purchased on the madai platform are sold by madai Ltd. with registered offices at  10 Queen Street Place, London - EC4R 1AG United Kingdom, on behalf of the Promoters.
The price of the product or service – indicated in $ or Dollar relevant and tax relevant too - will be that chosen in advance by the User by clicking the "Buy" button. The user will thus have access to a screen that summarises the order, containing the following information: (product/service, price, shipping cost, method of payment and delivery terms that start on the date payment is made). Once the User has reviewed that summary screen and verified that the information is correct, the User must: enter the personal data necessary for the processing and fulfilment of the order; review and accept the text of these general conditions; review and accept the privacy notice of Madai and the Promoter; lastly, click on the "Buy" button for the second time in order to send the order. The User will receive an order confirmation message from Madai, at the e-mail address provided, containing the notice on the conditions and method of exercising the right of withdrawal reserved only to final consumers. The contract shall be considered to be concluded for all purposes as of the receipt of that order confirmation.
Payment for the products or services purchased must be made by the User by the mandatory deadline of 5 days after receipt of the order confirmation identified in point 2 above. The methods of payment are those indicated in the summary screen in point 2 above.
The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the User in the purchase procedure within 60 days of full payment of the price and shipping costs, unless otherwise specified. Madai shall assume no liability for any delays or problems in service attributable to the carrier, chance events, or force majeure.
All of the products purchased on the Madai Platform shall be covered by the legal warranty of 24 months against any defects (if the buyer is a final consumer), and in any event, a conventional warranty with the same duration issued directly by the Promoter.
The User shall have the right to withdraw from the contract entered into, without any penalties and without having to specify any reason, within 14 business days starting on: the date of delivery of the products; the date of receipt of the order confirmation e-mail under point 2 above, if the purchase involves services. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must send written notification to Madai, by the mandatory deadlines indicated above, to the following e-mail address: support@madai.com in which it is explicitly stated that the User wishes to withdraw from the contract and return the goods (if a sale of products). On penalty of invalidity, the cited notification of withdrawal must be confirmed by the User within the subsequent 48 hours by registered post with advice of receipt to be sent to Madai at the following address: Madai Ltd. Red Lion Square 26 London WC1R 4AG United Kingdom. Also on penalty of invalidity, the goods must be returned to Madai by no later than 12 business days after delivery to the User. As an additional essential condition, the goods must be returned, with shipping costs borne by the User, intact, in the original packaging, complete with all of their parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, cords, etc.) and complete with enclosed tax documentation Provided that the above conditions have been properly fulfilled, Madai will reimburse the User for the amount paid within 30 days of regular return of the goods.
You're only allowed to have only one personal account madai. However, you can link multiple bank accounts or personal credit cards to your account. We reserve the right to deactivate without prior notification any unauthorized multiple accounts and the accounts to which are associated orders paid with improper payments instruments and/or third parties.

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